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On January 2003, Rizzi will continue to be leaders in our field and has opted to service the USA and Canadian markets without Tan Mach Equipment Limited. It has been our pleasure to work with Tan Mach Equipment over the years, and we thank them very much for the excellent cooperation they provided, but it is now time to move on as the world changes around us.

Michael Petrucci of  Tan Tech Services Inc. is the US and Canadian Agent and will be assisted by  Rizzi's returning Commercial Director  Mr. Franco Bertucci. Mr. Bertucci  has over 35 years in the Leather Tannery machinery industry and over 25 years service with Rizzi . and will be aided by Rizzi's sales manager, Mr. Alberto DeLorenzo....

Franco Sartori, President, RIZZI Spa 1857

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Specialized in focus

Tan-Tech Services Inc. ( TTS ) brings over 25 years of hands-on experience in the Leather Tannery Machinery business to it’s customers. This is a  statement many other distributors can not claim. TTS prides itself as being able to say it is one of the last premier full service providers that offer New, Rebuilt and Used Tannery machinery, as well as parts and after sales technical services.  Not only do we represent the finest quality manufactured Leather Tannery producers, but we are well positioned and networked with key companies in Italy and Canada to provide you with all your tannery equipment needs. 

We have supplied machines and automated production innovations from our suppliers to many world industry leading leather tanneries. Our customers include Tyson Fresh Meats, National Beef, Twin City Tanning, SB Foot, D.R. Diedrich & Co, Herman Oak Leathers, Horween Leather, Eagle Ottawa and many others.  

Our suppliers machines such as splitters and drums have also been supplied to other industries such as recycling, plastic and rubber manufacturing as well as the medical bio-science flieds.






Date: Wega S.R.L.

News Details:

Tan-Tech Services Inc. is pleased to have commenced collaborating with WEGA S.R.L. Producers  of surface area measuring machines for finished, semifinished or wet blue hidesLocated in Arzignano, Vicenza province, at the heart of the "Skin Valley", the company specializes in electronic applications of industrial skin processing. Wega’s production covers mainly two product types: electronic measuring machines for hides surface area (Roller type, Bridge / Bar type or reflex measuring machines and Thickness gauges, and electronic temperature probes for tanning drum tumblers (Thermoradar). These machines can measure any skin type, from cow to goat or pig skin, up to crocodile, caiman and reptile skins in general.

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